The Truth is, Many Online earners trying to skip referral system because of so many reasons, however you most consider this as one of the fasters legit way to earn online, the only thing needed from you is to understand the steps to take and start making great impercts.
If your interested on little step I do use to gain over 100 people referring them using my wini referral link then your on the right place.
On this Article, I will guide u here on how you can get over 100 people daily with your referral link on
Some people do this already and is easy and simple.
On how to gain massive referrals using your WhatsApp Facebook account and Earn at least ₦20,000 Daily.
  1. First Create A WhatsApp Group.
  2. Get A Breakdown on the earning of Wini and on a brief way how Wini work and what they should do to earn.
  3. Know all the site features e.g link to upgrade or where they should see there dashboard which is on Setting etc so once they ask you any questions is easy to respond to them or you can quickly get the direct link to the site respond that way you guide them.
  4. be in contact with Wini support line 09077445115 to call them or chat WiNi so any thing they need to resolve you can always chat or call Wini support in other to resolve it fast that way they enjoy your guide.
  5. make sure you have read Wini terms and even call or chat Wini support to ask any questions you don't understand that way you give right information to your referrals.
  6. you can use this Breakdown for easy explanation e.g                                                             
    [] Minimum Cash-out ₦5,000
    [] Earn Referral Bonus: 75% upto ₦2,250 each
    [] Earn Reading news 200 points on each
    [] Earn Commenting 80 points
    [] Earn Login to your Account Daily 5,000 points
    [] Earn liking 50 points
    [] Earn Post Article 1000 Points
    [] Earn Sharing Sponsored Post on ur FB IG 10,000 Points Daily
    NB: Referring is 100% Optional
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  7. Then you can join many Free Facebook Group with over 50k members mostly those market place and selling group etc
    So you can be posting some this link this
    ur active on Facebook 4 7hrs a day 0:00 earning
    ur active on wini 2hrs a day N2k-N10k earning is sure
    interested Drop Ur WhatsApp
    With the sample post above or your own with Facebook color post
    Nigeria Online Business
    1. Nigeria Online Business
    2. Ikorudu Market
      3. 9jamarket
      4. Oyinbo 
      5. marketplace NG
      6. Online Market
      7. Open Market Nigeria
      8. PHMarket Place
      9. WhatsApp Marketing
      10.Worldwide Adverts/Marketing
      11. LAGOS MARKET
      14.Facebook Marketing
      15. African Market
      16. LAGOS MARKET
      17. MARKET PLACE
      18. Kaduna Online Market
      20. Click here 
      21. Tru 9ja Market
      22. Lekki Ajah Market
      23. Advertise Your Business Worldwide
      24. Ladies In Business On Point
      25. Unique Business Managers
      26. Business Avenues
      27. Market and Sell
      28. Market Place
      29. Abuja Market Place
      30. Business World
      31. Sell Your Stuff
      32. Sell It
      33. Advertise your product
      34. Online Business Arena
      35. Lekki Ajah Market Place
      36. Abuja Market Place
    Also Join group with over 86k active members to post there, Apart from Facebook, you can still hed over to forums like etc and make your adverts as it has many people visiting it. So go and register with them FOR FREE and start driving audiences.
    Also don’t forget to join Students facebook groups. you can find these out by just searching on facebook for any school.
    Now Make Advert!!!
    On your WhatsApp status, Facebook stories, groups and timeline… Tag your friends who u know need this business…. Post something like this                                                                 
    Your active on Facebook for 7hrs a day 0:00 earning
    Your active on wini•ng 2hrs a day N2k-N10k earning is sure
    Join wini Now
  9. Just be do this daily and make sure over 100 people join your group daily and when you start initially people will join with your link but they may not upgrade yet cos they want to observe if Wini is truly paying so with time they will start to upgrade and for they best result
    Always check your affiliate you will see who have join then click on there account to visit there Wini profile to see if they have upgraded and if yes you can screenshot there pro like this below to congratulate them in your group that way many will no others are upgrading too so many will start to upgrade cos people like competition.
  10. Keep it in mind that Consistently doing it will start paying you off.
    Your target should be at least N200k monthly and trust me you will hit it fast.
    This Step may look so easy or hard but trust me when I started Wini I used it then at least everyday I gain over 300 - 500 joining wini however this magic am sure it will bring good result if you take action now on this.
    Then Make sure you post alert evidence of your own and other people who posted it to wini or here just save those alert and post so they will see it to join and upgrade fast